Girls, Yes You Are a Distraction

sexy legsSeems like everyday you see an article like this one:


A young girl, or the parent of a young girl are complaining about school dress codes that limit what they can wear.   They complain that boys aren’t subject to the same rules, and complain that fashionable clothes and line up to the dress code are hard to find and most of all accuse the male, patriarchal system of body shaming.

Oh, and they also accuse the boys of being out of control.


Girls Distract Boys

I had written a longer thing, but it felt like mansplaining, even to me, so I’ll just keep this short.

Yes, Boys like to look at Girls.  I’m not sure most women can understand how huge of a thing that is for guys, but pure and simple it is not something that can be controlled outside of some scary medical treatment to suppress hormones.

Many men, school administrators, whatever, don’t want to shame anyone or make them feel bad, but at the end of the day long legs, tight yoga pants and bare shoulders are going to distract boys.  This is a good thing in general,  keeps new human babies being born, but not so great when you are trying to learn maths.

Don’t hate, just love and try to help your middle school teachers out by trying to abide by the dress code.   They have enough trouble trying to keep teenage boys focused even when there aren’t pretty girls around.



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